Initial thin guide, more detailed/better to come…

You will need to accomplish following things

  • Set up Optional MDT Database; Follow Guide here
  • Set up SQLExpress somewhere to host UserDB and/or warehouse.
  • For testing, use Visual Studio Express or WebMatrix to run the site whiles testing
    • Guide for IIS Hosting Configuration soon…
      In the meanwhile just download Web Installer and run “Recommended setup for hosting providers”
      It will install things you wont need but most of the time gets you running if you lack experiance with IIS.
  • You will need to configure the global variables in App_Code\GlobalVal.cshtml
  • You will need to configure Connectionstrings in web.config
  • You will need to configure a virtual directory in IIS on the server hosting MDT and enable directory browsing. Share it as "DeploymentShare" so you can access task sequences guids, names and application guid and names.


When your up and running, register a local account in WAI is all thats remaining.

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